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    Publikationen 2015

    Arimany-Nardi C, Montraveta A, Lee-Verges E, Puente XS, Koepsell H, Campo E, Colomer D and Pastor-Anglada M. (2015b)
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    Clin. Immunol. 158, 47-58

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    Int. Immunopharmacol. 29(1), 51-56

    Jurowich CF, Otto C, Rikkala PR, Wagner N, Vrhovac I, Sabolic I, Germer CT and Koepsell H (2015)
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    J. Diabetes Res. 2015, 490365

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    Diabetologia 58, 2885-2898

    Rovituso DM, Duffy E, Schroeter M, Kaiser CC, Kleinschnitz C, Bayas A, Elsner R and Kuerten S. (2015)
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    Sci. Rep. 5:14265

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    Clin. Immunol. 159, 93-106

    de Iriarte Rodríguez R, Magarinos M, Pfeiffer V, Rapp UR and Varela-Nieto I. (2015)
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    Cells 4, 40-55

    Wunsch M, Zhang W, Hanson J, Caspell R, Karulin AY, Recks MS, Kuerten S, Sundararaman S and Lehmann PV. (2015)
    Characterization of the HCMV-specific CD4 T cell responses that are associated with protective immunity
    Viruses 7, 4414-4437

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